Designer Furniture

Designer Furniture

The wonderful thing about French style is the way it brings together the ornate and the simplistic, the old and the new. The French adoration of all things beautiful knows no bounds.

The French Style Collection by Furniture Warehouse brings together an array of pieces that fuse romantic style and clever functionality with a tempting dash of the unusual.

For the lounge, for the bedroom; the dining room, the study. French furniture is traditionally designed not to be restricted to any one room of the home, and this portability rings true in our French Style Collection.

Opulence, Simplicity & Functional Charm

Ornate occasional furniture inspired by the opulence ofVersailles; sumptuous chaise longue with a contemporary twist; armoires and chests that tip a wink to the French love for functional charm; stunning feature mirrors to adorn a spacious hall or reflect the glorious morning view from a bedroom balcony.

We hope you enjoy browsing our French Style Furniture Collection. It’s a collection that promises great value, superior quality, and that all-important feeling of having found that ‘something very special.’